Wednesday, July 14, 2010

oh, I have a blog and an independent organization!

Wow! I can hardly believe five months have passed since my last post, I don't even know where to begin, so much has happened. Where to start?

First off, State Representative Kathleen Curry joined the lawsuit, mentioned in my last post. Judge Krieger made a decision and it wasn't in our favor---or really your's, if you are a champion of true democracy. We waited until June 28th to get word that she had decided to uphold the partisan privilege of them being able to set their own rules regarding candidate affiliation or disaffiliation---the only group that is held to the law, you guessed it: independents!

It was pretty disappointing to see that the judge had little understanding of what it means to look at a process openly, equitably and impartially. Being a part of the party system is how virtually everything happens in our country and the judiciary is apparently no different. It couldn't have been more telling to see the words she used to describe how "sham" candidates and "bleeding off votes" added to "voter confusion" and that was, in her opinion the offering of an independent candidate to the democratic process.

In the meantime, I made the decision to not seek another term as a La Plata County Commissioner, thus rendering my argument moot in the case. Representative Curry is continuing on and appealing the court's decision. Jackie Salit and I filed an amicus brief in support of Curry's appeal. Here is the press release. I have also decided to form an organization, Independent Voters for Colorado "IVC" and will shortly announce a new website and our organizing goals. I am thrilled to be working for the independent movement in this way and know that now is the time to channel new ideas and throw the party status quo a curve ball, that will hopefully give our democracy some much needed game.

So, that's where things are for now, its an ever-changing and exciting road---can't wait to see where it turns next!

Thanks for reading.

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