Friday, March 12, 2010

A Myriad of Options to Gain Access to the Ballot---Excluding One.

It appears that not many people fully understand the options that were afforded to me to gain access to the ballot once I had disaffilated from the Democratic Party.

As stated in the federal lawsuit that has been filed, I had a myriad of options to gain access to the ballot.  Let me reiterate that in a different way:  If I was soley concerned with my own re-election bid I would have chosen a different path, I would have joined a party and become their candidate. 

The only problem (or solution as I prefer) is, I don't want to be a member of any party.  I want to be able to utilize as many ideas and varieties of options as possible, from various sources---including, but not limited to one party or another.  It's that issue "ownership, absolute thing" that parties assert that makes me a little crazy and frankly is harming our process.  In my opinion it would have been more of the same had I joined a party, not to mention highly hypocritical and yes, self-serving.  I want to be a different kind of politician and that requires doing things differently.

I could have gone back to the Democratic Party, joined the Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, or Green Party all within their alloted time frames as prescribed by their party bylaws.  And, I could have formed my own party.  It's again worth mentioning that they have the ability to change those bylaws to accomodate candidates whom they wish to run.  That was decided in the 1988 Court Case.  Apparently there was no one that voiced the inequity that was being decided upon at the time for independent or unaffiliated candidates (and voters of all affiliation)---that is, until now.

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